Ritz Carlton Bacara

Nestled in northern Santa Barbara county, perfectly placed on the water lies the undeniably gorgeous Ritz Carlton Bacara resort.

Upon arrival you are greeted with an expensive cascading fountain and the looks of a beautiful Spanish style compound. The lobby at the Ritz is absolutely stunning multiple seating areas perhaps 5 to 10 indoor fireplaces and an exquisite floral arrangement. The lobby also boasts a hotel bar which is circular in nature and provides close to every alcoholic mixture one could desire.

The grounds are quite large and offer multiple buildings, multiple Villas and Villa settings and which include private terraces, massive spa bathtubs, indoor fireplaces and even outdoor fire pits per villa.

On property there are six restaurants, a massive and really beautiful pool and spa in the center of the hotel overlooking the Pacific ocean. The hotel also offers a secondary pool to complement the spa. This pool is reserved for adults only and to be utilized for those after any sort of spa treatment.

We enjoyed walking the coast line each morning the beach is quite endless and we walked at least 3.5 miles per day. Apart from the hotel itself it is close to nearby eateries and only only 25 minutes north from the popular and renowned State Street in Santa Barbara. State street offers endless restaurant, bar and shopping options and has been known in recent years for its budding wine community. Overall the Ritz Carlton but Cara is exceedingly beautiful, offers a wonderfully attentive staff, and a pristine location.

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