Maui Wowie

Where to start… Maui is the most incredible Hawaiian Island. I feel as though I can accurately state this having traveled to all of the Hawaiian islands. Maui is the best, (or as the Hawaiians say)Maui no ka oi. This is due to its variable geographical layout and composition, as well as its diverse landscape, populous beaches, and nature related activities.

The nearby Oahu boasts LOTS (actually the largest open air mall in the states) of shopping and extremely trendy areas. Oahu can often feel less like an island, and more like a buzzing city similar to likes of San Francisco or Los Angeles. Juxtaposed to Kauai, known as the garden isle. This island offers almost solely mountainous, green landscape and nature related activities. VERY little in the way of dining, shopping and luxury resorts. With much of the island shutting down around 8 PM. Lastly, the Big Island is simply too under developed. Most of it is lava rock and the island itself is actually still expanding due to an active volcano. (Lani & Molokai make up the remaining islands but are not often visited by tourists). All of the Hawaiian islands are incredibly romantic and pristine. However Maui has a special blend of everything one would need on an island escape.

On my recent stay in Maui I was able to visit Several resorts, most located on Kaanapali Beach, as well as my favorite restaurant and favorite beach.

If you find yourself on Maui the one beach you must see is called secret cove located in the Wailea. The southern end of the island close to OGG airport. This is the most picturesque beach one can ever see. I visited the beach for the first time when I was in the six grade, and have since traveled to over 28 countries and countless beaches since and still come back to this because it is simply the most pristine, and what I envision Heaven to look like.

Next you must dine or drink a Merrimans. This restaurant is on the northern side of the island in Kapalua and borders the popular plantation golf course and several luxe resorts in the Kapalua area. Why visit? The killer 360• ocean views, and the BEST Mai Tai on the island! Literally topped with a honey foam, that it utterly delicious!

As for hotels, there is a plethora of luxe hotels. Some of my personal favorites are Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Grand Waliea, and pretty much any resort on the beautiful Kaanapali white sandy beaches (personal favorites Sheraton Black Rock & Royal Lahina).

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