Scrub Island Resort

If you are looking for the most secluded and private island experience, look no further than Scrub Island. A brisk 20 minute ferry trip (or helicopter ride) from Tortola, this island features one resort, a handful shops, and less than 3 stunning homes and full time residents living on the island.

The Scrub Island Resort is rated a 5 star hotel, and service proved to be so. Upon arrival, we were greeted with hot towels and fresh welcome drinks. Then given a brief tour of the property, and escorted to our room. The rooms are simple in design, with a cozy deck overlooking the harbor, which features a borage of lavish boats and calm seas.

This resort is excellent for providing daily activities an events. During my short stay, I took advantage of the sunset cruise, and North Beach festival, featuring local cuisine and entertainment. The resort offered kayaks, paddle boards, water trampolines, and an excess of water based toys available to all guests, at no escalated fees.

This is a location where you can simply get off the grid. Other than the pool bar, and 2 restaurants on property there is no additional nightlife, so be prepared to relax and unwind. The intimate setting and smaller scale hotel size, allowed guests a unique opportunity to really get to know one-another perhaps on a more personal level, than at a larger and more busy property.

If you are keen on escaping reality, civilization, or seeking a truly serene and private experience, Scrub Island is an excellent property to start the experience. (Please Note- optimal travel times Nov. – May. In an effort to avoid hurricane and off-season).

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