Catch – Las Vegas

I recently took a short trip to Las Vegas to try out Aria’s newest restaurant addition, CATCH. While I have frequented the LA location I must say, the Las Vegas experience was phenomenal! The decor flows perfectly with the Aria’s collective aesthetic, and is a great touch to the previous dinning options in and around Aria city center.

As you walk in, the decor is similar to that of Los Angeles whimsical, colorful, and with no shortage of twinkling lights. Optimal photo-ops adorn the entry way with no shortage of young female patrons, partaking in an impromptu photoshoot. Comparatively, not dissimilar to all of Vegas, all of the young and gorgeous waitresses looked to be like models and were constantly doting on our every hand and foot. Service was quite good.

The food, is utterly incredible. Self described as an “epic rendition of Asian-influenced sushi, seafood and steak”. It did not disappoint! I have dined at CATCH several times in Los Angeles, but do not remember the dishes being so dynamic and savory. We stuck to the classics; sushi and steak and it was honestly one of the best filets that I have ever had. As CATCH empathically states, “you are where you eat” If you are looking to mingle with some interesting and elegant Vegas patrons, and experience an exceptional meal, CATCH is it.

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