Monaco- the city-state of the Mediterranean 

Monaco is the world’s second smallest city-state and is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by France, endless views of blue seas, and the residents and travelers alike that arrive and depart its crowded harbors each season. 

Monaco boasts endless rows of mega yatchs, uber exclusive automobiles, elaborate casinos and in my opinion, some of the best shopping in the world. You will marvel at this city, not even 2 square kilometers in area, this small piece of sea front real estate is home to most of the wealthiest individuals per capita. 

Do not miss The Grand Casino, this antique, elegantly designed, building will remind you of how romantic this city must have been a century prior. 

Furthermore, unequivocally grab a latte and stroll past the mega yachts located in the harbor just below the casino, don’t worry you won’t be the only tourist perusing the docks.  


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