Tooth & Nail..& more in Paso Robles

Wine tasting has become a quintessential California leisure activity. Whether you’re in Napa proper or Sonoma, wine country has expanded to Malibu, Los Olivos and countless tasting rooms in Santa Barbara. After truly making a name for themselves as a global wine destination in the late 1960’s, the vineyards have only continued to grow. If your not up for the flight or lengthy drive to Napa try the closer and less pretentious Paso Robles. Inland from Morro Bay, this wine mecca is casual, but plentiful! You will miss the endless 5 and 4 star hotels present in Napa, but the wineries are abundant! Some of my favorites include; Sculptara, Tooth and Nail, and Lusso della Terra. Sculptara is for the art lovers like myself. Expansive grounds lined with endless sculptures and impressive art works. One can wander the grounds and observe the gardens, each unique and grand piece. Often times there is live music and their rose was some of my favorite in the valley. Next up Tooth and Nail, likely one of the most visually breathtaking properties in the area. This castel like structure is grand and even boasts a moat around the entrance of the property. The food here was exquisite. Again, live music and incredible fruit trees and impressive florals throughout the property. Lastly, Lusso Della Terra. An Italian winery simply beautiful with award winning wines! If you are looking to get away from the hustle and truly appreciate wine county, this reclusive property is perfect. Expansive hill views and dog friendly. In terms of accommodations the best choice in the area is undoubtedly Allegreto Vineyard. Mediterranean in style, endless fireplaces and farm animals it’s an Italian oasis. Without the endless options you will want to book in advance for this property.

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