Miami Beach Edition

If you are looking for one of the only places that is still open and accessible during Covid times, look no further than Miami Beach Florida. I braved the airplane ride from LAX to Miami and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of robust businesses still open and operating. From restaurants to hotels to beaches, Miami is definitely the most open city I’ve been to post Covid. We stayed at the beautiful Miami Beach Edition hotel right in the heart of South Beach. The hotel itself is extremely pretty and has a tropical but modern feel. The rooms were not pretentious and a bit limited in what I’m used to in terms of luxury accommodations. Especially for being a high category Marriott Bonvoy hotel the room was a bit lackluster but what it lacked for in room accommodations, it made up for in the hotel hospitality and expansive property. The hotel offers two large pools with direct beautiful beach access in the heart of South Beach. The hotel itself is extremely pretty laden with gold accents and tropical plants and has a international but modern feel. The hotel offers two large pools with a beautiful Garden and direct beach access with complementary beach chairs and umbrellas that are willing to be set up for you at any time of day by a very nurturing staff.

A neat experience we had while there, was driving to Palm Beach. Something I haven’t done before. While I have driven south to Key West I’ve never made the trek up north.It provided some beautiful views of the coast and didn’t hurt that we were in a really exceptionable Porsche 911 Turbo. We cruised all the way up to the breakers one of the most famous and renowned hotels in Palm Beach and had one of the best dinners I’ve ever had in my life. The breakers as a vacation destination all on its own if you haven’t been I would highly recommend staying there or at least going for a cocktail if you can’t swing the $600 plus per night. Other hot spots —Don’t miss Joe’s crab house or Mila in SOBE or Smith & Wollensky still an all-time favorite of mine. If have you been vaccinated or are willing to roll the dice definitely take a trip down south to Miami beach because it will make you remember what times were like before Covid.

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