St. Regis Aspen

Aspen is an undeniably glorious city. There’s nothing quite like the magic of winter. Everything is dusted with a white finish, the air is crisp and there is fur in every direction. I have long admired the St Regis Aspen and really desired to stay there, so I was pleasantly surprised when we booked our trip this ski season. Upon arrival it is quite smaller than one would imagine. A very quaint lobby, rustic in design. Multiple fireplaces and heavy on the wood decor it is understated glamour at its finest. The lobby had a rotating crowd of locals and hotel guests all eager to get their drink of choice. There were only a few concierge available but they were quite helpful in terms of restaurant recommendations and otherwise. The room was absolutely divine views of the quaint city and even the mountains complete with a marble bathroom and expansive bathtub there was nothing one can desire more in the room. The breakfast every morning was also quite exquisite we had excellent service and tons of breakfast options. I definitely indulged in the pancakes complete with powdered sugar and berries as well as the eggs Benedict which was quite divine.As for the evening ritual of the champagne saber, it was accompanied by some really unique bossanova live music which I certainly appreciated. The hotel also had a large outdoor space which featured a pool and three hot tubs and we definitely indulged in. The hot tub‘s were quite lovely after a long day on the mountain. As for the rest of Aspen there’s some of the most desirable fashions available all within under a 2 mile walk or radius. The trip was not complete without a stop at Kemosabe the legendary hat and western store in the heart of town nor a stop at the Aspen Fur store which has the most exquisite mink, rabbit and other pelts and fur goods with some very fair prices. Once a fan of Snowmass, I am definitely an Aspen proper girl at heart now I cannot recommend the city nor the hotel enough definitely book your trip now.

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