RH Yountville

Nestled in the landscape that is Napa Valley lies one of the quaintest and most eloquent towns, Yountville. Boasting a number of bakeries, restaurants, and tasting rooms, Yountville is chic, picturesque and a place one instantly feels at home. From the large and expansive community gardens to the truly unique architecture and dining options, one could wander the streets for days and continue to feel refreshed and invigorated with what Yountville has to offer.

Arguably my favorite stop in Yountville is the Restoration Hardware Restaurant. A seemingly never ending piece of property complete with olive trees-inside, elaborate chandeliers throughout, and the most aesthetically pleasing details one could fathom. From the welcoming staff, to the decor and large menu, truly any meal is an experience. If you are at all a fan of decor or design and finding inspiration in your surroundings you must check out the Restoration Hardware in Yountville. There are a few RH restaurant locations throughout the US (Weho, Florida to name a few) and this is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Dine here in the evening for more romantic setting. Indoor and outdoor options and every seating option is simply exquisite.

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