I have long heard the juxtaposition of Vail and Aspen and wondered what the comparison was truly like. I have to say I still prefer Aspen. While Vail has some beautiful views to offer, I think the town of Aspen is a bit more expansive and offers better shopping and dining options overall. To me Vail is reminiscent of Solvang, a small Swedish/Danish town just outside Santa Barbara or Heidelberg, Germany. It felt very European, and in fact there were several groups of international tourists that we encountered during our stay.

I was also highly disappointed with the Ritz Carlton residences club. I have stayed at several Ritz Carlton‘s all over the world and I’m always astonished by the level of service and quality. This Ritz Carlton was by far the most disappointing I have ever visited. Apart from the lodging, the restaurants I would recommend include Alpine Rose this was an extremely cute lunch/ Café eatery which offered a really delicious fondue option and some traditional dishes. Outdoor seating is beautiful and the inside boasts a very cozy lodge vibe. For dinner, I would definitely recommend Mountain Standard, modern tasteful decor and some very good drinks. I recommend anything with whiskey. If you have the time, horseback riding amongst the miles of aspen trees was one of the best experiences I had. There are also some very cute stores where you can find some unique furs and ski attire. If you were into late nights and dive bars check out a place called the George.So is Vail worth a trip? You tell me..

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