When one thinks about Sedona, a few things come to mind. Hiking deep red rocks and Majestic Desert views to name a few. If you are at all interested in spiritual realms, crystals, palm readings or any sort of natural healing remedies, Sedona is a place you should definitely check out. In fact, there are a few hikes that are known to sit on top of some incredibly powerful vortex’s. Apart from the ability to get your chakras balanced or purchase a variety of crystals and healing minerals. This is a place for avid hiker‘s. There are dozens of renowned hikes which are often difficult and provide some stunning desert views.

In terms of dining there are few gourmet options. Probably the best I found is Mariposa which features renowned female chef Lisa Dahl. The service, views and all courses of the meal were delicious. We even got a chance to chat with the house sommelier whom offered tastings of some very unique South American wines and we ultimately opted for a Chilean wine which was divine. We started the meal with some filet mignon empanadas which were recommended to us as a House favorite and definitely a Latin fusion dish. For the main course we were served a bone in ribeye topped with truffle butter and a side of the seasonal and spicy stuffed poblano peppers which were sensational. We finished the evening with espresso martinis and tres leches dessert. The views are 360• of the gorgeous Sedona mountains. The property is perched on a corner lot and has about half an acre of expansive well manicured lawn that guests can wander with cocktails, mingle, and photograph the stunning surroundings. The design of the restaurant is quite modern, with floor to ceiling glass all giving way to the beautiful view. colorful art pieces throughout and truly unique light fixtures throughout the two main dining rooms. Mariposa also offers an expansive outdoor patio, and many guests were seated comfortably outside which featured multiple fire pits and Latin inspired decor. I would certainly recommend setting up a reservation as it was fully booked for the entire weekend we were in Sedona.

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