An architectural oasis nestled in the desert mountains. Sunylands is owned by the Annenberg family trust and features over 200 acres of well groomed grounds, serene views and a rich history. For nearly 40 years, Ambassadors Walter and Leonore Annenberg welcomed presidents, celebrities, and iconic global and political leaders to their winter estate.

Today, it is open to the public. A massive 17,000 sq foot visitor center, simplistic in style and marginally glass, the visitor center features expansive windows and clean lines. This space houses a quaint coffee shop, a large room full of unique art pieces and an exceptional garden. The garden features three positively massive sculptures that all grace the lawn. Endless gardens, a labyrinthine, and several quaint places to relax all follow the beautiful lawn view.

Visitors can receive a tour of the property via golf cart or even participate in harvesting and creating the olive oil which is grown on the property. Deemed a national historic site in 1990. Currently features the like of Rodin, and Picasso much of which has been donated by MOMA in NYC.

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