Avra— Summer’s hottest restaurant in Beverly Hills

I recently dinned at the beautiful Avra. Located on Beverly Dr. This restaurant is over 11,000 ft.² of open air living. Expansive outdoor/indoor dining space accompanied by a large bar and elaborate fresh seafood display. The decor is laden with whites, beiges, tons of plants and fresh seafood on a wide and display- very aesthetically pleasing.

After amassing wide success in New York, Avra decided to open this location in the Golden triangle, in the heart of Beverly Hills. The cuisine is Greek and everything that I tasted was divine. A variety of handcrafted cocktails and a really nice red wines thoroughly selected by the house Somalia. The dishes varied from organic marinated chicken to a variety of fresh seafood options including salmon flown in from Europe on a daily basis. The service was impeccable and the open air design made it feel like we were in Miami for the weekend.

On a Saturday, it was absolutely crowded and I would most certainly recommend booking reservations as there as there were several people keen to get a table even with reservations. If you are the mood for Greek, and a relaxing dinning experience, definitely visit Avra.

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