Balinese Please

If you are looking for the most relaxing and picturesque place to spend your summer days, look no further than the beaches of Kuta, Bali.

The iconic place called Potato Head, is comprised of a plethora of different restaurants, bars and unique art produced by local and world renowned artist. This play on words might sound like an odd place to frequent. However, I can assure you that it offers culture, excellent cuisine and stunning views. The cocktails are elaborate and exquisite, and vary from local Balinese specialties to classic American favorites. The food is equally impressive. Potato Head features a variety of options, with a total of 4 on property restaurants at the club.

The beach club would not be complete without the endless cabanas, impeccable service (a positively massive waitstaff, no waiting to order anything) and a stunning infinity pool that cascades right on the sand of the Indian Ocean.

Think of a fusion of Burning Man and Nobu, Malibu. A unique art scene, in a serine setting. This is an absolute must see destination if you are visiting Bali. In addition to the dinning, beach club and art options, Potato Head hosts some of the most well known DJs, numerous festivals and art installations. They also have locations in Hong Kong and Singapore.I am patiently waiting for the US to catch onto the elegant and refreshing beach club concepts that are laden in Europe and South East Asia. This is a must see destination for summer 2019!

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