St. Regis Mallorca, Spain

This quaint island off the coast of Spain is insatiable! After a stay at some superbly prime hotels, including the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca, the scenery, people and cuisine could not be more enjoyable.

Upon first glance at the beautiful and expansive property, one will notice the incredible amount of marble and beautiful stone in the entryway. The outer architecture is a traditional Spanish colonial style and is comprised of several large buildings stretching over several tens of acres situated right on the Baltic Sea. The lobby is rather understated but as noted, does boast some incredible stonework and a rather large spiral staircase leading to the multiple levels offering various restaurants and amenities. The rooms are equally impressive. A generous size and on suite bath, complete with private balconies or patios all with excellent views of the garden, pool or ocean.

Additionally, each room comes with a 24 hour private butler service which can be quite helpful in terms of Laundry services, reservations etc.We took it advantage of the several on property restaurants and were really impressed with everything from the tea, dessert and dinner options. Even the breakfast was quite extensive and offered just about everything one could want. On property, there was a high number of Americans as well as British Tourists. It proved to be a popular destination for people to travel in groups comparative to couples or solo travel.

Mallorca is full of Spanish influence. From the architecture to the abundant dining options and Spanish cuisine. If you are interested in exploring the Baltic Islands or taking part in any water related activities this is definitely a spot to check out. I found the city to be inviting but certainly less energetic and more slow paced then comparable Spanish cities such as Barcelona. The beaches and views were amazing. I recommend this destination if you are looking for a relaxing beach get away. Weather tends to be favorable even in the the fall and winter months.


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