Dom Pe’rignon by the Shell Event

Dom Pe’rignon is a brand recognized for its unparalleled quality and distinctive taste. Dom is a French champagne produced by the Moët & Chandon Champagne house, that offers only premier quality. In fact, this is the absolute highest quality champagne that a producer will make. Contrary to like products, Dom is only offered in a vintage. This means that each bottle contains grapes only from a single year, which allows one to enjoy the champagnes unique characteristics. Dom Pe’rignon is entirely specific, only releasing wine in vintages that will age more that 20 years, and a-lots no more than 6 vintages per decade. This being said, the brand has gone on to be recognized globally as the elite champagne.

I recently had the Opportunity to attend the Dom Pe’rignon shell by the sea event which featured the 2006 vintage. This event, in collaboration with Four Seasons Santa Barbara was a preview of the new summertime experience that will allow guests to partake in a glass of Dom Pe’rignon complemented by table side oyster service.

The launch event was held at the beautiful Coral Casino in Monticito, CA. The Coral Casino is a private beach club offering exceptional views, and tasteful decor. Built in 1937 and situated atop the expansive and beautiful Butterfly Beach, this is an iconic location that has a rich history in Santa Barbara. The club features a modern design ascetic as well as an Olympic sized swimming pool. It has been frequented by musicians, philanthropists and filmmakers and served as the optimal backdrop for this event. The club is Located directly adjacent to Four Seasons Biltmore.

As part of their new summer offerings, the Four Seasons will roll out a summertime experience available to all guests, on property at the Ty Lounge every Friday from May 3rd through August 31st. Guests can sip on a vintage glass of Dom and enjoy impeccable table-side seafood.

At the preview event, guests were treated to endless glasses of Dom and decadent seafood pairings. All with an exceptional ocean view. This lux experience is offered now through August.

See additional information below.

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