JW Marriott Scottsdale

Upon arrival at the beautiful JW Scottsdale, the expansive entrance is inviting and open. The property is vast and set on several acres, even including its very own private golf course. The property is in close proximity to the central town of Scottsdale, gives a ranch style feel as all hotel rooms are Bungalo style.

Valet parking is extremely accessible and convenient. With a grand entrance for a multitude of vehicles and several attendants eager to help. The property also boasts tons of desert friendly foliage and decor. Adjacent to the main lobby there are several restaurants as well as an elegant bar. Additional amenities include various sitting rooms and a office type environment for any working professionals that may be visiting.

After being directed to our room we were pleased to find that they had upgraded us to a Bungalo suite complete with a beautiful bathroom, expansive room and private patio. We were fairly close to the multiple pools, as the property has two pools on site one for families and the other an adult pool complete with DJ and any alcoholic beverage one could desire.

The hotel was exceptional at providing a daily itinerary as to the multitude of activities that would be taking place on property. This included everything from: Smore’s fireside, to wild birds, and special events poolside.

The breakfast and brunch options seem extremely popular amongst hotel guest as well as locals. The brunch featured endless mimosas as well as additional alcoholic drinks and included a full buffet complete with, lobster, shrimp, etc. I was also highly impressed by the plethora of the vegan, vegetarian and healthy choices provided by the breakfast menu.

In addition to the JW I would also suggest visitors check out the nearby Phoenician as well as the trendy eatery Olive and Ivy.

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