Kyoto- Retreat to an Old world Mountain town

Kyoto, is home to over 1.5 million and was once named the capital of Japan. Known for its historical temples, gardens, and shrines. Kyoto is reminiscent of American mountain towns such as Aspen or Taos.

Offering some of the most well mannered and charming Japanese locals, in a warm and culturally inviting setting. There is certainly no shortage of beautiful gardens, eclectic plants and flowers. Simply so much to explore including a surplus of outdoor activities. Kyoto is the ultimate destination for the hikers and nature lovers.

During your stay, there are two activities that one must partake in. First up, Fushimi Inari Taisha this incredible shrine is just over 2.5 miles in length and pays homage to the revered God Inari. Important to note, this is a lengthy walk! Taking an estimated 2.5 hours to complete. The formal shrine is constructed approximately 233 meters above sea level. A miraculously spiritual and peaceful journey. This walk will provide exceptional views of Kyoto’s skyline. As well as a chance to explore nature, try local cuisine and purchase trinkets along the way.

Next up, Arashiyama. A nationally designated historical site and some of the largest visible bamboo! Here there are a variety of hikes to chose from which vary in length and intensity. There is even a monkey forest, for the adventure seekers. After the hike, head along the river and try one of the several local cuisines or quaint cafes offering matcha lattes or Japanese delicacies.

If you plan to travel in the spring (April/May) you may be lucky enough to see the spring bloom of the cherry blossom a truly exceptional view!

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