Morning yoga @ Element Bali

Upon arrival, it is apparent that the epicenter of the Balinese lifestyle is health and wellness. From the plethora of farm to table restaurants, the abundance of outdoor activities, and the distinct concentration on wellness of both the body and mind, all leading to a collective of an undeniably healthy lifestyle. Bali has long been frequented as a vacation destination by its nearby neighbors the Australians, and has recently become a top destination for tourists around the world.

Waking up on my first morning in Bali, I was delighted to see the vast stretch of greenery and tropical flowers. As recommend by the concierge,  I decided to start my morning with a 7 am yoga class. The Yoga class offered by the near by Element and was one hour in length and a breeze to attend. Yoga mats already laid out and a friendly teacher, all I had to was show up.

The practice of yoga was conceived in nearby India over 5,000 years ago. It was designed as a methodology to bridge the heart and soul, and aimed to help its devotes reach enlightenment. From its inception in 3000 BC, yoga is still widely practiced in Southern Asia.

The class I attended was taught by a Balinese native, and began with meditation and breathing practice. Followed by a series of standing poses. Set just below the large pool and garden, we could hear the soft sound of the waterfall trickling into the pool. Which made for an even more peaceful experience. The class was simplistic enough for a beginner to attend, but enough of a workout to to modify it to ones appropriate experience level. An excellent way to start my morning and is truly indicative of the Bali lifestyle. Serenity, peace, wellness.

There is a wide array of yoga options to chose from, the island offers over 80 classes a day in Ubud alone.

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