5 Star Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit

Arrival in Bangkok left me feeling a vast culture shock. The city was abundantly crowded, full of smog, and the epitome of a land uncharted. It was completely new and overwhelming. At 28 years old, I have been to approximately 24 countries and I am familiar with the unknown. Accustomed to displaying respect for various cultures and the ability to be open minded. However, my initial reception was that Bangkok was that it was not fond of tourists and I certainly felt as though I was in a foreign land.

Arrival at the hotel was a pleasant surprise. Quite frankly, it was the caveat that ending up salvaging my trip. The rooftop bar, the gorgeous club lounge, and the warm reception, were just a few of the much appreciated gestures that made me feel at ease.

Upon arrival I was a gifted a beautiful flower bracelet and cool glass of sweet tea, a welcome gesture following my long flight and the hot Thai weather. The Marriott was able to upgrade the room to a beautiful and spacious suite without being probed. More sweet Thai treats awaited in the room, another pleasant touch.

The hotel had an incredible rooftop bar which had exceptional city views, and an expansive menu. Just a few floors below sat the pool with an equally impressive view and a surplus of coconut drinks. Several guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy time here and it was an inviting area to chat with others and relax in the sun.

Nearby amenities included: the state building which had over 6 cocktail bars, some of which were on the 61ST floor or higher. The historical Jim Thompson house, several street markets and China Town.

My trip to Bangkok was just stop in route to my final destination in Asia. I want to authentically share my travels and thoughts so potential travelers will be aware of what to expect. I would not advise travel here, as I never felt safe in the city. Nor did I find a surplus of cultural worthy experiences or profound views. I think time would be better spent elsewhere. I was grateful for the hospitality of the resort which made me feel comfortable and at ease.

I have no plans to return to Bangkok anytime soon. However, if you are in the neighborhood, I would recommend this hotel. The staff were all incredibly helpful and service oriented. The property was very new, updated and offered several amenities in a slice of home in another wise very daunting landscape.

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