2 Forbes List Bars in Melbourne #EauDeVie #BlackPearl

Melbourne, contrary to what you may think, is an urban sanctuary. A budding city, full of recent gentrification, and a young trendy population. Unlike comparable large cities in Australia, Melbourne has a style all its own. Similar to Denver, or New Orleans. Melbourne has the vibrancy of an old world city full of modern new concepts from its cuisine to its bar scene. Frankly, one of the best bar scenes I have ever experienced. There are tens of alluring, underground, and obscure bars strewn throughout the city.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Melbourne, here are two of the bars that you can not miss! Up first, Eau De Vie. You must be wise enough to locate this unique place. Perched in an alley behind an unassuming brown door, lies the French cocktail lounge. An elegant setting, this establishment offers a large variety of hand crafted drinks. From table side blow torches, to liquid nitrogen, fresh pines nuts and roasted fruit for garnish. This is easily one of my favorite bars I have ever visited. Anything on the menu will not disappoint! However, I would recommend the Espresso Zaba. This is a play on the well known Australian Espresso martini, kicked up a notch. If it’s your pleasure, locate the unassuming bookcase and behind you will find a private whiskey tasting room.

Next, you have to check out The Black Pearl! This is number 30 according to the Forbes list of best bars in the world! With several homages and odes to New Orleans, you will be treated to elegant Jazz music and tropical cocktails. If you are able to go on a weekend, take advantage of the upstairs lounge. Cheers to incredible cocktails, in an unforgettable setting.


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