4 classic items you must have now

Maria Tash diamond earrings

Pave diamonds in a simplistic yellow or white gold setting. An excellent choice for multiple piercings and great for combining with diamond studs or other Maria Tash pieces. These beauties were recently featured on Blake Lively in A Simple Favor. My personal favorite are the Huggies. They perfect go with everything and are effortlessly chic.

Estimated retail $350-$700

Gucci Supreme belt

I love this print! It varies from my typical black or brown leather and gold belts. However, it’s still timeless and classic. This print is intricate but still easy to layer and combine with other fabrics and textures. While I typically shy away from canvas, due to its durability and often lack of wear, I’m in love with this print!

Retail $450.00

Cartier love bracelet

I love wearing jewelry that I don’t have to stress about. While I still enjoy a Chanel costume jewelry piece from time to time, the Cartier love collection is really my go to. This collection is great because you simply don’t have to think about it. Waterproof, always gleaming and it goes with literally everything. Completely effortless, I never have to remove it when I am at the pool or beach. I am a fan of the yellow gold, and love to stack it with other jewelry pieces like an Hermès leather, or Louis Vuitton leather band.

Prada Cahier bag

The gold hardware is simply stunning. I am not typically a fan of Prada, and often opt for my ultimate favorite Louis Vuitton. Due to its versatility and ease of wear, but this bag is incredible! I love the size, shape, and it is extremely functional while still looking so chic.

Retail $3,000.00

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