Sydney, Australia

A city bound by water, harbors, and world famous architecture. Sydney, is an iconic city recognized for its pronounced landmarks and tropical weather.

Upon arrival, my immediate perception was that it reminded me of a mix of San Fransisco and London. A scattered and immense amount of pubs strewn throughout the city, mostly underground. This was very reminiscent of London’s drinking culture and lively city lifestyle. Popular drinks consisted of a variety of different beers, Pimm’s cup, Aperol Spritz, and espresso martinis.

During my stay, I learned that Australia has become known worldwide for its coffee and coffee-like products. This was evident by the amount of coffee shops, surplus of coffee based alcoholic drinks and coffee containing products. In terms of food, the city offered all kinds of cuisine. Although one would say that they are most known for seafood and oysters in particular. Heading to the Sydney Fish Market is a unique experience and good way to try the local fresh fish. It is important to note that it is extremely crowded and a popular tourist attraction.

Even though I visited in summer, the weather was quite finicky. Varying from wind, strong rain, and mild muggy temperatures. It was not ideal weather to be outside exploring. The uncompromising and cool weather and architectural styles, reminded me of San Francisco.

Key landmarks I would recommend include:

Darling Harbor-picturesque view for dinner or drinks right on the water.

Sydney Opera House

Hyde Park– great place for a relaxing walk.

Bondi Beach– must checkout Iceberg’s the popular swimming pool right on the ocean. Should spend one day minimum here.

The rocks-quaint, chic spot for lunch or bar hopping.

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