Art Basel

Collectors, curators, and spectators. An event that only occurs in select cities across the globe (Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach). This was my first attendance at Miami Beach Basel, and it was an exceptional experience.

The city of South Beach was vibrant and lively as always. In addition to the show at the convention center,  there were several other exhibits and events throughout Miami Beach including; Design Miami, the Four Seasons pop up, and the Art Fair tent on South Beach. One could easily spend a few days perusing the art, examining all pieces, and carefully not missing any galleries. I however, only had the bandwidth to spend one day at Basel, and it was still a valuable experience.

Two of my favorite galleries were, Landu Fine Art and the Fendi exhibit at Design Miami. Highlights included: Seeing a few Andy Warhol pieces, meeting talented Artists, and the excellent people watching. I would certainly recommend Art Basel. They are currently gearing up for the Buenos Aires show if you have the chance to attend.


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