Austin, Texas

IMG_1009.jpgI decided to take a trip to a city in the US that I have never experienced and landed on Austin, Texas.

Home to incredible music, and outstanding BBQ, Austin did not disappoint!

Points of Interest:

Rainey St— Eat from a food truck! Must go to several BBQ spot! Great bars, young crowds, very walkable.

6th Street— Bars, clubs, and country western bars!

Bat Bridge— Every night at sunset 1.5 Million bats fly south on the river, this is a site to see!

Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue– Speaks for itself! Right by the river.

How to explore: See the city from a bird! Best way to explore, easy to navigate

Where to stay? JW Marriott—Beautiful, centrally located, and excellent pool sceneIMG-0982.jpg

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