Guest Blogger; Jade Freitag Social Media

A Negative Impact 💥

By: Jade Freitag

Perspectives, everyone has one. Perspectives are used to view the world around us. One way we use perspectives is looking at art. Everyone has a different view on said art. While some may view art as abstract and beautiful, others may look at it as boring and offering no value. One develops their perspective by observing the world; seeing how people act in certain scenarios. Perspectives have changed over time by social media influences. Ever since social media has been created people have been changing their views on life by thinking that they have to change their whole personality just to be “Instagram Perfect.” They focus more on the object rather than the history of how it is made. The impact perspective has had on the world is that, it can instantly be changed. One way is by social media influences. One mean comment can transform your happy feeling to a sad state. From this, you lose confidence about yourself and the only way you feel that you can build it up is via social media popularity.

In “Looking Through the Screen” by Meral Berlas, it brings up the fact that social media becomes addictive which furthers the idea that if you continuously look at what others are doing, ie. dress/act, it can influence you to change yourself because of conflict thinking, thinking you are not good enough. Furthermore, everyone is becoming self-absorbed to their device. This can negatively change a persons perspective on life because the only thing they have a care for is themselves. This impacts one’s views on life by becoming incessantly self involved. In fact, Berlas mentions, “People feel that they aren’t loved if they don’t have enough followers, or their photo only gets minimal likes.” This perpetuates the idea that when you do not get how many likes or followers you want, you become sad that you are not as popular as you wish to be. Juxtaposed, some people choose not to have such accounts because they do not want to become enslaved to their device.  Ultimately, “Looking Through the Screen,” by Meral Berlas portrays that the outcome of social media are negative to the minds of people today, causing them to recreate themselves because they have the mindset that they are not as “Picture Perfect,” as the others they see. The likes, comments, and followers helps build self-confidence, but in the same token it can have serious negative affects when those needs are not fulfilled.

Overall, social media creates a negative impact to the human brain by shifting our brains from being careless about our looks to looking at every little detail about ourselves. We then gain our confidence by social media popularity. We eventually decide to change our whole perspectives on life because we have the thought that we are not good enough. As some may think that social media is a positive environment at first, once you ponder the deeper meaning of it you start to consider the negative aspects. Social media can strongly affect your emotional condition in an instant. Social media has changed the perspective of our world today by turning confident people to those who have no self-confidence, and are constantly filling negative thoughts in their head that they are not good enough. When in reality, everyone is born different than one another for a purpose; differentially. If everyone acted the same, dressed the alike, and choose the same path in life, life would be boring. Eventually, if everyone decided they needed to change their whole outlook on life, our society would be filled with no diversity. Us humans would have nothing to look forward to since our future is already destined for us. Part of why we live to the next day is that we look forward to what the future holds for us, but if we all changed ourselves to look the same this would not happen. The threat social media poses to our world today is highly negative since our perspectives on life are extremely damaged by one single source.

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