Increase productivity, heighten goal centered behavior

How to increase productivity, get goals accomplished, stop talking and start doing. 

Firstly, cut down on social activities. As a noted extrovert this can be very difficult. However, this is imperative if your want to progress and move vertically up that ladder. Regardless of your field of study, focusing an absorbent amount of time on robust social activities can be a time waster. Particularly if they are not physically or emotionally challenging, advancing your daily behaviors, or creating productive experiences in terms of longevity. More importantly, one needs to consider whom are you spending said time with? Those individuals that you hang around tend to be those that you are most similar too. Hence, choose wisely. Secondly, visualize and realize your goal. Stop multitasking and start putting all of your efforts wholeheartedly into your main objective. You will then notice immediate changes. Those of us that have a myriad of interests can be stifled by this transition, but will notice how much faster we attain goals when we have a clear object not countered by other thoughts or busy ill-focused tasks. I am objectively taking a look at my daily and weekly activities and placing value on said activity, whether it will improve my life or enhance my overall wellbeing, I urge you to do the same particularly if you are in a transitional period of looking to make a lifestyle change.

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