Fantastic extended weekend getaway to CABO

Having only visited Cancun, and Ensenada previously Cabo was an excellent and unexpected experience. From our beautiful 3,000 square foot room at the Sheraton, to horseback riding on the golden white sand, Cabo easily beat my expectations and I would definitely recommend visiting. A short 2.5 hr flight from Los Angeles, it is so simple for quick weekend getaway and the weather is absolutely stunning even in early December. I would certainly recommend the Sheraton, excellent service and sensational food. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday here, and really enjoyed the whole experience. Every time I get the chance to travel I am simply blown away with my experience and am currently planning my next trip, to Peru or Australia, open to recommendations. I urge you visit Cabo for relaxing views, excellent food, and ease of travel.

To book your stay visit:


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