Everything you need to know about Zagreb, Croatia

Spending 3 days in Zagreb, I am here to gift you the good, bad, and ugly. Staying at Sheraton in the heart of the city, it shortly becomes exceedingly apparent that you are in eastern europe. This city’s reception is a bit cold. Once you move past that, Croatia has a lot of offer and you should undoubtedly take advantage of it. What should see? You must, stop in the local bars and eateries.

Quaint cafes and local eateries are superb and give you an authentic, avant guard taste of what Zagreb has to offer. Ceratinly, have a nice dinner at a recommended restaurant (remember to make a reservation and most restaurants do not open until 6:00 or 7:00 pm on the early side). The best restaurant I dined at was called Triology. Modern and classic decor, and insatiable food. (see the image of my duck above). From the appetizers to desert, it was impressive and our waiter had an insurmountable wealth of knowledge on wine pairings and was extremely helpful in recommending a pleasurable wine to match dinner choices. (I wish I could remember his name)! After dinner head to this lovely 200 year old wine bar! It was incredible. Staff was friendly and hospitable, and uniquely owned by an Australian couple. The views are awesome and was so neat to indulge in some fabulous wine in such a unique setting. (This venue seemed popular for tourist). As you can see in the image above some wines ranged well over $7,000.00 USD. I would defiantly recommend checking out this location if you are planning on visiting Zagreb. In addition to this hit the bars on the main hub street called IIlica. Mingle with the locals, we met the most friendly people whom even bought us local drinks and shots all night long. Most importantly get out there and explore, Croatia has so much to offer.

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