ROMA– Italia

Romantic, magical, and colorful. Roma will always have a special place in my heart. After making several trips here and spending a considerable amount of time here over the years, there is truly nothing like Roma. The Roman people are incredible; passionate, warm, and lively. I would recommend spending at minimum 4 days here, as there is so much to see! Foddies, religious folk, people’s people, shopaholics, there is something for everyone. Whether on or off season, Rome is packed because frankly its just that good. If you haven’t been, take a trip and experience it for yourself, those Romans really know how to live! Ciao Bella 5A6DCF65-B726-4B58-8483-BFC97B1696D541AC5FA0-A781-4B3E-9A13-602680A63952520F961F-2B01-44C3-AB0C-71EAC8D7B37CA80CCB46-BCA8-4EC1-9F92-1481CE19DF1DD03B5505-A1F0-4D60-8299-EF89DC46AD1BD31450AD-2B0D-4A2E-B8A8-5729403592C5IMG_0169IMG_0170IMG_0172IMG_0175IMG_0177IMG_0179IMG_0192IMG_0842



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