My Croatian Adventure!

I just spent 2 weeks exploring all that Croatia has to offer. We started our trip in Split, from there we traveled to Hvar, Plitvica, Dubrovnik, and Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb. While each location boasts its own unique attributes and landscape, the overall feeling of the country in its entirety was that it was quite underdeveloped in terms of commercial tourism, particularly compared to its European counterparts ie. Italy, France, ect.  Breaking free from communist regime and become what is know Croatia less than thirty years ago, the structure of the country still feels quite new and somewhat underdeveloped and unregulated. With certain mountainous areas even looking like a ghost town, vacant, and abandoned. If one is determined to visit this area, I would recommend Lav (Split) and Havar. Both of which are coastal towns and have a more updated vibe. Havar is particularly gorgeous and offers several water related activities. The cities capital Zagreb is having a major restructuring, gentrification, and seems to be moving towards becoming more metropolis and modern in comparison with its European counterparts. I will have several posts, following this, depicting each cities unique elements and attributes.40b69053-34b6-48b4-98e4-e1a501b7f520img_0371img_0370dd79d85f-80a5-4bf9-9436-b86aeb67dce41c7cba88-973f-4834-98fc-fee1e5057f931d6d0e28-4ce8-4b26-9246-37423fd523b0

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