Del Mar Racetrack 

Established in 1937 by Co founder Bing Crosby, the Del Mar Racetrack is a historic and elegant Racetrack in North San Diego county. ​​Boosting prominence as the second largest racetrack in the western US, it is home San Diego locals and Visitors alike. The summer of 2017 afforded the race track several summer concert series closing out the season with popular DJ Steve Aokie. Try for season tickets and be ready to wait for a nearly 30 years. However, it is rather inexpensive to attend the park for one day. It is less than $15 per ticket and parking is quite affordable as well. This is a great place for families and couples a like. Groups notably always have a great time and are treated with great accommodations. I would recommend that everyone visiting San Diego spend at least one afternoon there. It has nostalgic, old Hollywood glamour feel, and provides for something out of the ordinary. The food is not exceptional. Plan to eat prior and enjoy your time at the track along with a few drinks. Close proximity to downtown gaslamp San Diego or recluse La Jolla Cove either of those make for an excellent choice for dinner or lunch after your visit at the track. September 4, 2017 marks the closing of the summer season. However, races start back up in November. . – visit for additional information.

Photo above of Co founder Bing Crosby

wearing a hat is a must! The beautiful architecture! Placing my bet:) 

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