Casa Romantica– San Clemente, CA

Reminiscent of the popular mission style architecture that is latent in Southern California, Casa Romantica the former home of San Clemente founder and town hero Ole Hansen is now a cultural center, non-profit , and museum. I recently visited this historical site and I was pleasantly surprised. There were dozens of visitors from all over the state and country. I had no idea that it was deemed as such a destination. A beautiful view overlooking the pacific ocean and quaint garden surroundings made for a peaceful and relaxing environment. The inside of the home, was moderately interesting and similar to the comparable Adamson house in Malibu. However, much more diverse and interesting than the home tour, and museum aspect, was the front gallery with works by photographer Michale Childers. I was very intrigued with his work and photographs. I was especially taken, so I decided to purchase one of his books titled Icons and Legends. Childers is a southern Californian attending UCLA and having several ties to Hollywood royalty. Although somewhat dated, I found his images refreshing and unique. Reference more of his work here:

For further information or to plan a visit reference:

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