Napa Valley

How can one not enjoy Napa Valley? This picturesque location is unlike anything else. If you love a good drive, I highly suggest renting car and driving around this area as it is exceptional gorgeous and peaceful. The town of Napa stretches much longer than one would expect, and has so much to offer; including, numerous wineries, interesting restaurants, and a cool music scene. One can spend three days here and easily visit only a mer fraction of the available wineries to choose from. From the world renowned wine, and exceptional views you have got to visit Napa. The open market concept in the heart of the city feels like you are in Spain, and offers everything from sea food, spanish cuisine, cappacinos, and gelato.  Be sure to check the local events before planning your trip and if you time it right, you can check out one of the fun music festivals such as BottleRock.

One of my favorite wineries that we visited on our trip was Castello Di Amorosa. This Italian style 13th century castel is gorgeous, expansive, and has a rich history that dates back to the beginning of Napa Valley as we know it today. As it was one of the first wineries to originate in Napa Valley. Castello Di Amorosa offers a variety of options in regards to tastings, tours, views, and the staff was incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Wine tasting is always an experience because it motivates you to experience new wines that you would typically not partake in. I particularly enjoyed Castello Amorosa’s Merlot and desert wine LA Fantasia, so refreshing and light for summer. See depictions details below.


An Italian style soft sparkling wine which is lower in alcohol, naturally sweet and refreshing with bright aromas of cherry, exotic flowers and wild berries.

2013 MERLOT, Napa Valley

A flavorful dry Merlot with excellent depth and balance, with notes of black cherry, mocha, and spice, and a smooth dark chocolate finish.


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