Trinity Lake

Lake Trinity, is one of the most beautiful, quaint, and untouched locations in Northern California. North of Sacramento, in mountainous terrain, lies Trinity Lake measuring an impressive 2,447,650 acres and making it one of California’s largest reservoirs. The nearest populous town is the historic mining village of Weaverville. First populated in the mid 1800’s by the influx of miners frequenting the area in search of gold. To this day you can visit several historic museums in the acutely small town of Weaverville. If you feel like escaping the grind, or getting off the grid for a few, this place is peaceful and picturesque. Tons of boating, water sports, beer, and campfires. Truly, an all American summer. This is less populous than sounding or comparable lakes and makes for less boat traffic, smoother waters, and more relaxation. This lake has been frequented by my family for several generations, and the tradition continues to this day. In a world that is ever changing and evolving it is important to keep family traditions alive. Trinity will always have a special place in my heart. If you are searching for something untouched, beautiful, and unique this is it.


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