Parallel universe – Alternate realities 

I see an over arching themeatic ideal that is sweeping much of pop culture, or at least the media that has consumed me recently. I rarely watch television. However, on the occasion that I do, my favorite show is Bloodline. The popular Netflix series that portrays the dark torumented reality of a south Florida family, and how appearneces aren’t what they appear to be.(highly recommend this series; thrilling, captivating, unique schematic events.)

Additionally, as an avid reader, I recently finished the favored NY Times novel, Dark Matter. Experiencing both of these pieces at nearly the same time, it was interesting to me in that they both portrayed a similar, if not identical plot. What if we could see our lives from a vantage point? What if one simple variation changed our reality as we know it? What if we could experience different variations of our own reality and ultimately chose the one that we prefer most? (something worth pondering). I find this concept so interesting! As a young person, we are faced with several challenges or options, such as; marry this person, chose this career path, take that job, move to this city, so on and so forth. All of these choices have a valuable impact on our existence and can work to shape our reality and long term life as we know it.

I am curious to know the opinions of others, particularly those whom have read or seen either of these outlets. Would you want to discover alternate realities? Different variations of how your life could have been?

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