Woody Allen – – film genius 

If I were to craft a film, it would be a Woody Allen picture. From the colorful imagery, perfectly suited music, and elegantly staged background. I am enamored with the scripts and the charachters. His films are always so dynamic and have a gluttony of underlying lessons of moral, character, and self discovery. Though most of my favorites are period pieces. Allen somehow manages to make all of his films have a classic and timeless aura. His style of story telling is unique and somewhat ambiguous leaving the reader open to interpreting the characters as they see fit. Then he theorizes the all encompassing ending, and everything seems to fall in place as would a perfectly manicured puzzle. The overarching subliminal messages and timeless thematic ideologues somehow end up working out seemlessly and you wonder why hadn’t put the pieces together sooner. Allen, takes viewers on a journey, a journey of character self discovery, and the timeless parallels of human motives and motifs of love, and happiness. I truly recommend these films. Some of my favorites are listed below. 

  1. Midnight in Paris 
  2. Vikki Christina Barcelona 
  3. Cafe society 

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