Stagecoach Music Festival 

A huge music lover, and avid singer, I am always intrigued by a good concert. I recently spent the weekend in Indio, CA attending Stagecoach. This country music festival is a weekend long outdoor concert that most Californians should be familiar with. I enjoyed seeing the likes of Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, and Kenny Chesney. However, I would encourage attendees to flock to this event for the experience rather than the music. Most people wander around with a beer or two, or three, mingling and making friends while mildly paying attention to concert. The aspect of having multiple concerts at one time, gives attendees the option to attend the one of their likening, however the confusion of which stage is where, and the surplus of events leads to many people forgoing shows, base upon shear accident or unawareness. The crowd is also quite young median age roughly 23, at the top end. Overall I will probably opt for Cochella next year, and see the country artist of my liking back in LA. 

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