The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of sustainability and stability?

The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of sustainability and stability?

Which is a more viable option, or may we pursue both simultaneously? Or is it virtually impossible to be happy, stable, secure, in all aspects of life. As one ages, the surplus of individuals who decide to compromise on one, or a multitude of these paramount capacities seems to be increasing at a steady and sound rate.

Such compromises can be noted in individuals that compromise on career routes. Opting to choose stability over passion or rather, uncomplicated accessible opportunity over true growth and optimal development.  It makes one pose the obvious questions, should we strive to meet impossible deadlines, make extensive strides, push ourselves to the limit; or conversely, should we instead, slow down and chose to follow our hearts?

Furthermore, whom do we look to for inspiration, guidance, or mentorship, those that are the most successful financially, or those that are (not appear to be) the happiest and most relaxed?  The ever expansive paradox between true happiness and eminent success may be something that one can never fully quantify, or may spend there live trying to acquest. A wise woman once told me, that “anyone can feel happy, but joy, true joy is a feeling felt by the heart.” Stop to think of this simple, yet profound ideology and inquisitively ask oneself when was the last time you felt true joy.

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