Santorini, Greece

Donkey rides, greek salad, oil paintings, all with a miraculous view of the mountains, beaches, and beautiful skies. Santorini is simply breathtaking. This small island is filled with young tourists from all over the world, ridding shirtless on motto bikes and quads zipping all over the island in search of the perfect beach.

Modern restaurants in Oia or Fira have breathtaking views of the Aegean sea and offer traditional dishes as well as American/Italian options. Tons of shops are frequented each day by tourists and locals alike. Those whom like to indulge in a new pair of handmade leather shoes, or indicative trinkets. I truly enjoyed meeting all of the locals and found them to be extremely kind and friendly. Many people in Santorini work seasonally and it is a true pleasure said individuals, learn of their background, and receive helpful information regarding Santorini. This island is magical, some of the most stunning sunsets I have seen thus far. 

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