What it means to be a woman in 2016

I would sincerely recommend that one  consider viewing the docu series The People Vs. OJ Simpson. I am throughly enjoying this series. It is emotional, intriguing, and makes one contemplate issues of life, questions of morals, right and wrong, and societal norms. I find it particularly interesting that on the surface, it appears as though this series aims to represent the narrative and court cases of Orenthal James Simpson and his legal woes, (did he, or didn’t he?)

However, I find myself watching this series and pondering questions  incredibly more complex and intricate. Issues of race, sexism, and love. I am drawn to the character of Marcia (prosecutor) . Viewers should be impressed by her poise, education, and strong will.

Marcia reminds one of the multifaceted definition of what it means to be a woman in 2016. Woman are judged not only on their education, character, but so harshly on their appearance. In many cases whereas, a man would be excused from issues of child care and appearance, woman are so harshly criticized. What are the merits of such judgments? Why does society repeat itself in this regard? 

A woman in todays society is expected to be collegiately educated, hold a decent paying respectable career, look beautiful, and take care of a home and children. This expectation is simply unrealistic and it is uncouth that women feel the pressure to accomplish all of these tasks. I can not wait for the day that a woman is judged solely on her mind, knowledge, and expertise, because even in 2016 we are certainly not there yet.

For the day a young woman choose to admire another woman for her MIND not her looks for her accomplishments rather than her hair. When are we as a people going to make a collective change? Momentum has been moving, progression has been facilitated, but reflecting on a time period series that took place over a decade ago, it seems as though we have not progressed significantly. Look at your female professionals for what they are, professionals. Admire their courage, and adversity, not their nail color. Watch this series and reflect on your own perspectives of the woman around you and what they have on their plate, and work as collective whole to better our society.

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