Why you should skip Key West

In need of a tourist trap? Or a row of gay bars or drag shows? Or maybe you are a key lime pie aficionado? These are the only three reasons one should seek to travel to Key West Florida. I was thoroughly disappointed with this destination. There was a clear lack of intelligent and mindful activities on the island. Additionally the ocean water and visibility conditions were not as favorable as one would hope. The restaurant options, lounges and hotel accommodations were also not up to par. Hotel stays were extremely expensive for mediocre at best rooms. Key west somehow managed to turn even interesting artifacts such as Hemingway’s former home and a beautiful lighthouse into a gimmicky distasteful experience. Take my word for it and travel elsewhere.





  1. Suvi

    I’ve been to Florida three times but never to Key West. I have a feeling I’d be disappointed in it like you were. Although I love the scenery in the show Bloodline – have you watched it?


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