Times Square–Yes, it lives up to the hype

Times Square is one of the most memorable experiences one can have. The energy in this specific geographical point us unparalleled and will not be found anywhere else in the world. New York is it’s own beast. Of all the places you will visit, you may realize that New York has its own unique culture, this inexplicable energy, that drives the city that never sleeps.

In terms of accommodations, I recommend one of two hotels. The Sheraton Times Square. This hotel is moderately priced, in the heart of Times Square, and within walking distance to many popular destinations. The hotel provides upscale rooms and amenities, as well as a modern lounge and bar area. ($250-$500 per night)

Just outside our Sheraton hotel 

If you are looking a more posh experience in the Big Apple, head towards Fifth Avenue and find the world renowned and media acclaimed, Plaza Hotel. It is not hard to imagine Frank Sinatra and the rat pack frequenting this astute location. You will love the luxurious decor and choice of several bar and restaurant options. The service is impeccable and I can assure you will not be disappointed. The Plaza is across the street from Central Park and adjacent to the fabulous fifth avenue shopping close proximity to many desirable locations. (600$-1000$ per night)


Here I am in Central Park across the street from the beautiful Plaza hotel. 

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