Ibiza– What does it really have to offer? 

Upon arriving in Ibiza it is impossible for one to miss the endless signs advertising the hottest and best new night club, or the crowds of twenty somethings perusing the streets with an open alcoholic beverage, even on the beach you can’t escape the pushy club promoters and their efforts vying for your attendance at tonights concert or event. 

My advice? Skip it, skip it all. If you have been to Las Vegas you have experienced the party scene in a far more glamorous version than Ibiza will ever be. Overcrowded and under regulated night clubs are blasé and underwhelming. 

Instead venture to the other side of island and skip the party scene in its entirety. View beautiful clear water, white sand beaches, and relax in the deep blue sea. After a few hours I guarantee you will lose your bathing suit and come to your senses. Experience the true beauty of Ibiza and head to Vegas, NYC, or London for the party scene. 







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