Is the most romantic city in the world debatable?

Often considered the most romantic city in the world, Paris ,France is fondly recognized world wide and synonymous with love and endless paradoxes of fairytales. Why yes, I have visited in Paris and whilst it is everything one would imagine; quaint cafes, sparkling lights of the Eifel tower, delicious tarts, and everyone speaking an eloquent language that you can not quite master. I have found a city that is in my opinion, far more romantic than Pari’. This city is Venice, Italy.

Atop a vas, enveloping blue ocean this city on water, this mysterious city has virtually no reason for its existence.

 If you want to fall in love, go here. 

Dreamers this is your paradise. 

Walk endlessly along the streets and canals that twist and turn, continue walking as you wind for hours and have no orientation of direction. This city will swallow you whole with its majestic sunsets, world class Italian cuisine, and breathtaking cultural presence. There is an air of mystery,  an enhancement, that surrounds the city. This stems from the city’s historic annual carnival celebration. However, regardless of the time you visit, travelers can experience carnival influences and purchase trinkets to represent this culturally significant event.

At night after you enjoy a refreshing Negoni and an ample share of pasta a la carbanara, step into one of the piazza’s and hear an orchestra worthy performance from one of the local restaurant house bands. Step back in time in this and fall in love, in love with a romantic partner, in love with yourself, or in love with an idea, an inspiration, or purely in love with life itself. It is impossible to visit this Venetian City and not feel inspired or enthralled down to your bones.

Happy Traveling- – – 


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